About Us

MySpray Therapeutics was founded in 2012 by natural health practitioner and researcher, Nichol Martinuik, with a mission of creating the most innovative and life changing products. Through out his 20 plus years of clinical practice, Nichol is guided by independent thought, research, and logic in solving health problems.

The first mission was to find a solution to the low absorption rates of nutrients from pills, leading to the development of Vitamin D3 and B12 oral sprays. Sublingual and buccal absorption provides a much higher absorption by the body, eliminating the gastric breakdown through digestion. With the use of a convenient spray, it ensures that your body is receiving the maximum benefits.

MyPain LiniMint was the next product to be approved by Health Canada, after many years of clinical research and development with DMSO as a topical analgesic for pain management. DMSO provides unmatched tissue penetration directly to the site of pain and inflammation, with capabilities beyond any other topically applied product. Many trials were conducted with this formula to create a balanced product that minimized the odors associated with DMSO.

MyShrooms Immunity was then developed as an immune modulator and formulated with a synergistic blend of 8 medicinal mushrooms. Fungi have been revered medically for thousands of years in their abilities to increase the immune system's recognition and defence from daily threats. MyShrooms Defence is the evolution of the original Vitamin D3 spray, and a combination of Chaga and D3. Chaga is one of the most potent substances on earth containing over 200 nutrients, including vitamin D and the cofactors necessary for absorption, creating a superior formula for disease prevention.

MySpray is committed to ongoing research, and the development of innovative solutions and premium health products. Nichol is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, and the Saskatchewan Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine. MySpray Therapeutics is proudly manufactured in Canada and a proud member of the Canadian Health Food Association.