About Us

MySpray Therapeutics was founded in 2012, with a vision of advancing the integration of holistic health and wellness. MySpray is committed to innovation through the research and development of innovative and life-changing health products.  
Nichol Martinuik, President & Founder,
Nichol has been an innovator in health sciences, traditional medicine, and the natural health industry since 1997, gaining clinical experience in pain management, disease prevention, and therapeutic health solutions. He leads with a vision of empowering the individual spirit in the pursuit of health and wellness, through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. As a seasoned doctor of natural medicine (homeopathy), registered massage therapist, and natural health researcher, he is passionate about developing innovative natural health solutions through clinical experience, research, and results. Nichol’s inspirational leadership, and cross paradigmatic integral thinking, provide innovative perspectives to challenge the prevailing narratives in the business of health and wellness. He is on a lifelong quest of knowledge, wisdom, and education for problem-solving across integrated platforms in health, business, and to inspire the individual spirit to discover their unique potential. Nichol is the President and Founder of MySpray Therapeutics Inc., and HMTC - Homeopathic Medical & Therapy Clinic, and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and the Saskatchewan Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine.
Rachel Martinuik, CEO, Chair,
Rachel has been part of MySpray from its inception. In her previous role as Chief Operating Officer, her responsibilities included the oversight of MySpray’s resources and oversees budgetary expenditures.  A large part of her role was to build relationships with members of the supply chain, production labs, fulfillment, and logistic teams that all operate for MySpray remotely across Canada. Outside of MySpray, Rachel was appointed by the honorable Brad Wall to a board position for Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation (SOCO), where she served three terms. SOCO operates under the registered business name of Innovation Place a Saskatchewan Crown Corporation. Innovation Place owns and operates technology parks adjacent to the province’s universities in Saskatoon and Regina, which provides a home for 3,800 tech jobs across 150 different companies in well over 1 million square feet of managed indoor space. In 2018 Rachel earned the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors. Rachel is a graduate of the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Human Justice. Her education in board management and social justice provides the awareness to keep the company mindful of the personal, corporate, and social responsibility we occupy.
MySpray Therapeutics is proudly manufactured in Canada and is a proud member of the Canadian Health Food Association.