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MySpray Therapeutics® Inc. is a life science biotechnology company that has been pioneering innovative and clinically developed natural health products in the areas of immune function, mental health, and pain management, since 2012.

 MySpray has been advancing the integration of holistic health and wellness for over a decade and has created relationships within the industry through global networking.

We believe that it requires a multidisciplinary approach to successfully achieve the greatest results in health, and have created an integrated team including various professionals in the fields of psychology, medicine, and natural medicine. To achieve the best possible outcomes we need to recognize that there is not a standard approach and respect that health is a personal journey requiring various pathways to heal the individual soul.

With the regulation changes and the momentum towards psychedelics and mental health, the development of medicinal products is only the beginning. Achieving a successful launch of psychedelic substances will require a platform to create partnerships with various medical settings, clinical practices, and healthcare professionals.


Our vision is focused on guiding the universal laws of nature through the rigors of science to develop an integrated holistic approach, that will inspire and motivate the individual spirit to discover their unique potential.

Our approach is in creating an open-access platform to provide a virtual hub for professional providers and clients to develop a personalized guided pathway towards successful health outcomes.



MySpray has developed an experienced team of professionals and partnerships throughout the industry, and is preparing to expand our innovative formulas towards research and development, clinical trials, and continued regulatory licensing of medicinal mushrooms, various psychedelic compounds, and medicinal cannabis.

Creating an inclusive and interactive platform, combined with the advancements in AI and VR, is the evolution of integrating holistic health and wellness by implementing various modalities to create personalized strategies with, or without the use of psychedelics.



MySpray Therapeutics was founded in 2012, with a vision of advancing the integration of holistic health and wellness. MySpray is committed to innovation through the research and development of innovative and life-changing health products.  
Nichol Martinuik
Nichol Martinuik, President & Founder,
Nichol has been an innovator in health sciences, traditional medicine, and the natural health industry since 1997, gaining clinical experience in pain management, disease prevention, and therapeutic health solutions. He leads with a vision of empowering the individual spirit in the pursuit of health and wellness, through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. As a seasoned doctor of natural medicine (homeopathy), registered massage therapist, and natural health researcher, he is passionate about developing innovative natural health solutions through clinical experience, research, and results. Nichol’s inspirational leadership, and cross paradigmatic integral thinking, provide innovative perspectives to challenge the prevailing narratives in the business of health and wellness. He is on a lifelong quest of knowledge, wisdom, and education for problem-solving across integrated platforms in health, business, and to inspire the individual spirit to discover their unique potential. Nichol is the President and Founder of MySpray Therapeutics Inc., and HMTC - Homeopathic Medical & Therapy Clinic, and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and the Saskatchewan Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine.